company of heroes 3: Company of Heroes 3 is coming: This time it’s Italy during World War 2

In a major revival boost to the real-time strategy genre in gaming, the next installment in the Company of Heroes franchise has been announced as ‘Company of Heroes 3’. Relic Entertainment, Sega and Feral Interactive, the makers of the game, have come together to add another World War 2 outing and this time, have set the action in the Mediterranean, in 1943’s Nazi-controlled Italy. Company of Heroes 3 has taken almost eight years to arrive.
Company of Heroes 3 is set to launch in late 2022 but there is a pre-alpha build of the game on Steam which you can try right now.
The developers released two trailers for the game–an announcement and a gameplay trailer–which give you the basic idea of the campaign in the game. Here is what we can expect from the game, based on what is shown in the trailers.
New factions?
The USA and the British are going to be there, teaming up together to take back the Italian towns from the Germans. In the trailer, they show a resistance group helping the Allied troops to infiltrate. So, you could have two Italian factions fighting for each side, the resistance from the side of Allies and the main Italian army from the side of the Axis. Italy was with Germany in the real war, remember?

Some of the other probable new gameplay elements could include silent knife kills, new ways to clear out enemy-controlled buildings and improved airstrikes.

New units, vehicles and tanks: Enter the Gurkhas, Nashorn tank hunter
As per the developers. Company of Heroes 3 will add elite squads like “the American-Canadian Special Service Forces, the revered Gurkhas from the Commonwealth and many more. “
As for the vehicles, Company of Heroes 3 “features the largest roster in the series to date.” Some of the new vehicles and tanks making their debut with CoH 3 will be “the super light Weasel, the armour sniping Nashorn, and the Chaffee Light Tank. The M3 Recovery Vehicle Halftrack can now be used to repair and steal abandoned enemy vehicles.

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