google drive: Google will allow users to sync content across all devices with Drive for desktop

Tech giant Google has announced plans to replace Backup and Sync apps with the unified Drive for desktop app. For those unaware, Google, in 2017 split its desktop Drive app in two — Backup and Sync for individuals and Drive for desktop for business users.
Starting July 19, Google will begin moving its users to the new Drive for desktop app. Backup and Sync users will start receiving prompts asking them to transition to Drive for desktop in the coming weeks. Google seeks to complete the transition by September 2021.
The announcement was made by Google in a blog post. “With Drive for desktop, you can access files directly from the cloud on your Mac or PC, which frees up your disk space and saves your network bandwidth. Because Drive files are stored in the cloud, any changes you or your collaborators make are automatically updated everywhere, and you’ll always have access to the latest version,” Google says in the post.
Drive for desktop is an application for Windows and macOS. It enables one to quickly access content directly from the desktop. It automatically syncs local files to the cloud in the background. This helps in minimizing the time needed to spend waiting for files to sync.
Google will shut down the Backup and Sync app from October this year. After this, users will not be able to sign into the platform.

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