How to Change YouTube Channel Name


YouTube is an online streaming social application which is owned by American giant Google for watching videos and shorts. YouTube is a social platform where people come, to watch educational videos to learn something new, watch a funny video to lighten their day, users can watch some free movies or listen to their favorite songs online.

YouTube is not only a place for watching or listening to videos or songs, it also provides a platform for the users to create their own channel to post their content. There are creators who create content of any kind and post them in their channels for views and likes in return for which they get revenue. So it can be a choice of an individual to opt for it as their career choice. Although it is not easy for an individual to create a community of their subscribers and start earning money one can go for it if he or she has the potential to produce content.

There are different companies who invest money in ad agencies to create an ad for their business on YouTube which will be viewed by the viewers in a pop-up of a creator’s video and in return the creators get paid where the ad is played. So there is an eco-system of companies, ad agencies, creators, and viewers. YouTube can also play an important role in providing a platform for spreading social messages. As in the present day, due to the social crisis of the pandemic many celebrities, doctors, and the government itself have taken the help of the YouTube platform to convey the safety and guideline messages for citizens in this dark day of covid.

YouTube also provides a premium model in the users would not be irritated with ads in between watching a video for which the user has to pay some money to YouTube.YouTube also works as the online streaming platform of any content by the creators. Viewers can donate money through super chats or Google pay while watching it online. There are online gamers who stream their gameplay; there are musicians who stream their music. Governments attend virtual gatherings to convey any message or announce any policy through YouTube also. So YouTube is very important in our lives to learn something new or provide others with enough resources to enable them to learn something new.

Google Account and YouTube

As YouTube is owned and managed by Google, it is very obvious that one has to have a Google account to be able to avail the facility of using YouTube. Google Account in YouTube in any user’s space works as the user’s manager as it keeps the record of its subscriptions to different channels; record of likes or dislikes of videos watched; remembering the type of videos watched and recommending the videos and ads based on that which is actually an impressive service; keeping a record of total views in a particular video etc.

YouTube without Google Account is like a vehicle without its wheels because YouTube might work properly without a Google Account but without the recommendations, the users will find it difficult to find a video of their preference. So it becomes necessary to have a Google Account in order to enjoy the services provided by YouTube for its users. The process of creating a Google Account is very simple. The user has to just provide details like name, phone number, gender and finally protecting it with a strong password.

Changing YouTube channel name

Earlier it was not possible for someone to have different names in Google account and YouTube channel. But after a recent update from YouTube, the user is allowed to do the same. Now we come to the process of changing YouTube channel’s name without affecting the Google Account name.

In case changing a name from PC:

  • One has to go to the YouTube page and then click on the profile icon displayed at the top right corner,
  • Then select the option “YouTube Studio”,
  • on the left side of the window, at the bottom section, there is an option of “Customization”,
  • Then one has to select the ‘Basic Info” option and there will be an option of “Channel name and description”,
  • After changing the name of the channel, the user just has to click on PUBLISH to change the channel name.

In case of a smartphone:

  • Open the YouTube Application and tap on your profile appearing at the top right corner,
  • Select the option “You channel”
  • Then click on “Edit Channel”
  • After changing the channel name just click on OK.

Surprisingly, YouTube’s “HELP” section does not include this information of having two names simultaneously although it still has the policy of changing names three times every three months. But there is no worry as the process of changing names is very simple.

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