How to Disable Instagram’s Active Status Feature


Instagram is an American-based social application that helps connecting people all around the globe. It generally enables a user to modify and share photos, videos, text messages, voice notes, etc. It also helps any upcoming entrepreneur to promote its goods and services. It can help any celebrity to gain popularity just by a click. There are many creators who create content in the form of small reels and share their talent. There is an option of IGTV in case of larger video files to be shared.

Side effects of Instagram

So Instagram marks an important rather necessary and effective way of life in the present day of Virtual gatherings. From likes of an image to views of a video, Instagram has not only brought a creative way to connect with each other but also a sense of competition among its users, especially among the teenage groups. Suddenly a like or a view has started calculating the gravity of success of the users. Many people really feel that any Instagram account holder having more followers means he/she is more influential.

There can be a debate about this particular thought process but the point is about what difference does it really make? In turn, it actually diminishes the self-esteem of a new user who has gotten into this platform recently who actually has many a number of followers or likes or views. There has been a sense of insecurity with self and repeatedly trying to be someone else who has never existed in reality.

There are users or rather influencers who have changed their body order like having a tattoo or a thin body just to get some likes. As in a group of friends, peer pressure is often witnessed, such has become the pressure in Instagram to gain popularity. This process of think must not survive for long.

Measures taken by Instagram

Taking these side effects of using Instagram into consideration, Instagram has recently chosen to run a test to enable its users to able to hide the number of likes in their posts. Earlier in the year 2019, Instagram had decided to run a test on removing the option of like display in a post completely. It was tested in some selected developed countries like Japan, the US, New Zealand, and few others.

But as expected not many were happy and fussed about it as they wanted their likes to appear in their posts. Maybe it just made them feel important in the social world. Some users with a reasonable amount of followers complained that if the display of likes was gone, their rating might fall down. They felt that their posts were meant to be interacting with worldwide users, and this feature of removing likes from Instagram might affect the numbers of their followers and their posts won’t get enough boost to promote their content.

Another nightmare of those users was that what if the Ad agencies back off from giving ads on their pages for not being able to see the number of likes in their posts. Because according to the a number of likes are considered as the number of people interacted with. It might also hamper their social image of being an influencer. So recently Instagram has come with a new idea of showing or hiding likes from any post on Instagram.

Disabling the active status on Instagram

The process of hiding likes from a post of the user is quite fair and simple. Listed below are some steps that can be followed to victory our task

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device( cell phone or on a computer).
  2. Go to profile, tap the bottom exactly right on a profile picture.
  3. Click top right, after that click the settings option.
  4. Click the Privacy option, after that tap the “Activity Status” option.
  5. Click next to display “Show Activity Status” to disable the active status on Instagram.


It is important to note that it sounds fair that likes are hidden from a post and there will be less pressure on individual users or creators but as long as the larger community of Instagram feels to count on the numbers of followers, views, or more importantly likes to establish an idea success the chase for likes will never end.

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