How to Get Face Unlock on OnePlus 5 Right Away


Now on, unlock your mobile by your face in One plus 5 which was released on December 31, 2017. It comes with a stability enhancement and the latest security patch along with this beautiful “Face Unlock Feature.”It is as secure as the Face ID of mac. This feature is launched in beta in Oxygen OS Open Beta 3.This is a smart and cool technology to unlock a phone and this feature is also convenient and works extremely fast.

There is no need for any update to run it smoothly. It also need not any extra sensor like Apple. The data that used to run the feature kept private on your phone. All these things make the feature so charming that everyone wants to get it. Just because it is released on Oxygen OS open beta 3, you will have to flash the beta. Now we will do take the necessary steps to activate this operation.

Note: If you cannot flash the beta properly it can harm your device like erasing all your data and damaging software. So try it at your own risk. We have performed this operation many times and it works perfectly. If you are not able to do that it is better to wait for a stable build update.

Steps for the activation of this features:

1. Your phone must be switched on through the process. Then press the power button on the phone and use your previous security unlocking method to unlock the phone.

2. Download the file Oxygen OS open Beta 3 file.

3. Shut down your phone and press the power and volume down button simultaneously just for a few seconds. After that, you can enter into recovery mode.

4. Now you have to choose your language and choose the option from which you want to install it between Install from Internal Storage/Install from Local. Tap the button named install to jump into the process.

You have to wait for 15 to 30 minutes to complete the method. Completing the installation process the following steps are followed to activate the feature.

5. Once the installation is finished open the setting app from your phone and look for the option “Security and Lock Screen” and then tap on it.

6. Entering this option you have to set another security lock like a pin password fingerprint. It will be used if you have lost your facial identity.

7. Now you have to set your face app data by clicking “add face data”.After taping on it you have to look to the center of the screen and adjust your face to the circle. Once it’s done you can enjoy this charming face unlock feature from now on. Your phone will unlock as soon as it recognizes you.

Some Drawbacks of this amazing face unlock features:

Firstly, It is less secure than pin or pattern or password lock.

Secondly, Someone who looks like you can unlock your phone by any chance.

Thirdly and mostly If one can hold still the phone to your eye it can unlock your phone without your consent.

Some overall charming features of One plus 5:

It comes with a 5.5-inch screen. This fantastic mobile phone runs with the help of android OS and Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor. It runs with android 7.1 and can update to android 10.0 with Oxygen OS. The phone has a primary and a secondary camera. The primary camera comes with two lenses 16 mp and 20 mp with a focal length of 1.7 and 2.2. The selfie or secondary camera comes with a single lens 16 mp f/2.0.Besides the fingerprint sensor, it has a gyro proximity accelerometer and compass as a sensor.

The battery of the phone is 3300 mAh which comes with a 20w fast USB type c charger. It is available in the market with a 6 GB and 8 GB ram variant along with an internal storage of capacity 64GB or 128 GB. This phone has another model named One plus 5T which is also the same but has some ups and down compared to the previous one. In a word for daily use, it is also pocket-friendly. So Hurry up and go for it without any hesitation.

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