How to Receive Money From US in India Using Google Pay

Introduction :

At the very beginning of this article, I will introduce you to the application Google Pay(G Pay). Google Pay is a digital wallet introduced by Google in the year 2018 to serve the ever-growing demand for online transactions. A user can use the application for UPI-based online money transfer, online bill payment, a transaction in various shopping websites, and also for merchant transactions. The user needs to have only an active internet connection and a bank account to access the application. It is protected with Google’s top-rated security to provide a seamless experience to its users.

Contactless transaction via G Pay :

Needless to say, Google pay has brought a drastic revolution to this era of online transactions. Its easy-to-use interface helps all sorts of users to grab the functionality very easily. Before G Pay offered its services within the country. But from November last year (2020), the US users of G Pay can use the facility of international transactions via the application. The online search giant has allowed US users to send funds to their friends or family in India and Singapore.

As of now, the facility is limited to these two countries only. But the tech giant is planning to spread this premium service to more than 200 countries by the end of 2021. Last year Google started rolling out a redesigned version of the G Pay application in the US, which was not exactly new but almost similar to the version available in India and Singapore, just renamed with Flutter.

This innovative feature of Google Pay is powered by two very famous financial services companies- Western Union and Wise. According to the company sources, Western Union has offered unlimited free transfer till June 16, 2021, while sending money from the US to India or Singapore via Google Pay. On the other hand, Wise has offered the new users to send funds up to 500$ free of cost only for the first-ever transaction. However, Google is yet to reveal their transfer fees once these free services are over.


        This service will surely facilitate the users from long-term processes of sending funds to their family or friends living in an outside country especially in the midst of this devastating COVID pandemic. So here’s some step-by-step instructions for sending funds via G Pay :

  1. The user has to download the latest version of the G Pay application from the play store.
  2. After successful download, users need to log in via their respective cell phone numbers.
  3. Then the user has to set their active bank account as the medium of transaction.
  4. Now tap on the “Pay friend or group” option from the home screen of G Pay app and type the mobile number or name to whom you want to transfer the fund.
  5. Then tap on “Pay” and the user will be asked to select between Western Union and Wise.
  6. Select the service provider and input the payment amount. Click send button your payment is done. Some time may be taken by this feature to reach the receiver’s bank account. The charges (if any) and other payment-related information will be shown to the payment window.

Good effects of the initiative :

All the thanks and praises should go for this great initiative introduced by G Pay. Since our country is suffering from the second wave of covid-19, the advancement of this feature couldn’t have arrived at a more specific time. In this advent situation when the whole world is suffering, this will surely help users to take care of their family, may not be physically but at least financially, just by using a smartphone.

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