How to Remove Google Account From Your Phone (Android and iOS)

 Google Account- a brief description

Being an international company, Google provides facilities to the individual user to create nay account and provide a free service provided by Google for its users worldwide.  This account can be created both through mobile phones or computers to avail the Google products such as Gmail, Google Ads, Chrome browser, YouTube, and many other helpful services. And these Google products are in fact very much necessary for the users to handle their devices with ease. For example, Gmail is needed for availing the facility of Google play store or YouTube.


If you are using multiple Google accounts on your device and you want to remove them from the device, then the following step-by-step instructions would help you to ease your problem. In Android/IOS there are various ways in which you can do the job.  In this compressive passage, now we will discuss the two most used methods that can be implemented

  1. Via the Gmail app.
  2. Directly from Device’s Settings Option


Now let’s discuss the processes step-by-step for the android devices :–

1. through the help of  Gmail app :

  1. Firstly Gmail app is to be installed on the device
  2. At the topmost right corner of the Gmail app, you can find the profile icon containing the profile picture or the first letter of the account name. Click that profile icon.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen immediately after clicking the profile icon.
  4. At the bottom of that menu, you will find the option “Manage accounts on this device”. Click on that option.
  5. A list will appear on the screen containing all the Google accounts currently active on your device.
  6. Then select that Google account that you want to delete or remove.
  7. A new screen will appear again. At the bottom of that screen, you will find the option “REMOVE ACCOUNT”.
  8. Click on that option and the Google account will be removed from your device forever.

2. Directly from Device’s  Settings Option :

  1. Open the Settings of the device.
  2. There you will find an option “Accounts” in the settings menu.
  3. Click on “Accounts”.
  4. A list will appear where you can find various apps in which you have logged in.
  5. The account of Google that is to be removed is to be located
  6. The account that you want to remove from the device is to be selected.
  7. A new screen will appear where you will find the option “REMOVE ACCOUNT” right at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Click on the option and the Google account will immediately be removed from the device.

Here is the step-by-step instructions for IOS devices :–

  1. Open the device’s Settings option.
  2. Once the setting menu window is opened, scroll down until you find this “Mail” option.
  3. Then click on the “Mail” option.
  4. A new screen will appear. There you will find the option “Accounts”. Tap on “Accounts”.
  5. Now go ahead and tap on “Gmail”.
  6. Select the account you want to remove and tap “Delete Account”.
  7. Then tap “Delete from My iPhone” and the account will be removed from the device immediately.

The processes discussed above for both android and IOS might slightly differ from device to device depending on the version of android and IOS.


The process of removing the Google account from any device is extremely easy. Removing an account doesn’t mean the account is deleted forever. User will only lose the access of various functions which are tied to that particular Google account. But users can access the account anytime from the web browser. Users can also restore the account in the device by logging in again if later he/she changes his/her mind.

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