How to Share WiFi Password from One Phone to Another Phone


We human beings have come a long way from verbally communicating to a mobile phone which has the capacity to connect with people around the world. Mobile phones have a great necessity in human lives. It helps the users to communicate through a calling facility; it helps someone capture the moment through photos or videos; it allows the user to send and receive text messages; one can set reminders for any future plans; one gets up from a deep sleep through an alarm.

So it is very clear that phones have taken an important place in our daily lives. With time everything changes so did the mobile phones. From telephones to smartphones and from its huge size to a tiny little piece that can be carried in a pocket, the communication system has come a long way. With time, the need and modes of communication of people have changed.

Earlier, a call service at a distant place was enough; now there is a need for high-speed internets like 4G or 5G which can go up to 300 Mb/ps to 30 GB/ps. Earlier the charge for the services was very costly but now with the evolution of technology, those of services of calls or messaging and even more can be availed at a much cheaper price. Nowadays, almost everyone knows the usage and importance of using phones. Needs are more and complicated and so to facilitate that every phone needs an operating system.

There are many operating systems available for phones such as Tizen and Bada for Samsung phones, Windows OS developed by Microsoft, Blackberry OS, iOS for Apple phones, and Android which is developed by Google for most of the phones that we use. But in this article, we will know about iOS and Android and the process by which we can share the WiFi password between two phones containing the two respective operating systems.


iOS is an operating system created by the Apple company for their manufactured phones. Unlike Android operating service whose services are very much open for many phones, iOS on the other hand is developed and strictly meant only for the phones manufactured by the Apple Company. It is very different from other phones as it is quite close in nature in providing services.

Despite its lack of openness, it provides the phone with strong security, amazing graphics quality, less lag while being in multiple windows, and excellent process of RAM management in the apple phone. Although a good iOS device comes with an expensive cost, the experience provided is matchless.


Android is developed for many phone manufacturing companies and it is more open in nature than any iOS device. Unlike iOS, android comes with great flexibility at work with the applications and tries to give the user excellent performance. It provides a huge variety of applications in the Google play store just like iOS provides in the Apple store.

Although Android applications seem much more useful than iOS-like arranging the apps orderly, users can clear up the home screen by manually removing the less important applications and bring up the applications that are used often. In the case of providing security, Android is also very clear about permitting third-party apps into the system. Users can manually allow or restrict the permissions to work for third-party applications installed on the phone.

Users can customize their device using the Android Operating system more easily than the customizations in an Apple phone. Android phones come at a cheaper rate and therefore it is one of the most popular operating systems in the world if not the most popular.

Sharing WiFi password

Firstly to share WiFi passwords between two phones having different operating services, one has to ensure that both phones are updated with recent patch developed by the respective companies.

  • Now first thing needed to share a password between two phones is a QR code generator. There are many QR code generators available like Visualead, QR-Code monkey, Scanova, and many more.
  • The QR code application needs to be started after installing it.
  • After opening the app, one has to look for an option of Connecting to WiFi and mention the WiFi’s SSID i.e. Service Set Identifier.
  • Then the password of the WiFi has to be typed in along with the selection of security type of the WiFi
  • Lastly one has to select the “Create Code” and a QR code will be generated
  • Then scan the QR code already generated with the android phone. Done, the device will be connected to the WiFi.


One should not be too generous to share the password of WiFi with anybody. Before sharing the password one must be well alert about the consequences and share the password with only trusted ones.

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