How to Sign out of One Google Account When Using Multiple Accounts

What is Google Account?

Google Account is a free service provided by Google for its users worldwide.  This account can be created both through mobile phones or computers to avail the Google products such as Gmail, Google Ads, Chrome browser, YouTube, and many other helpful services. And these Google products are in fact very much necessary for the users to handle their devices with ease. For example, Gmail is needed for availing the facility of Google play store or YouTube.

Why one needs Google Account?

For a Smartphone or a computer to work user-friendly need Google Account is needed. From photos on the device to videos on YouTube, everything can be accessed through Google Account. There is an option of ‘Auto fill’ in Google Account which helps in filling up the usernames and passwords once you save it in Google Account without having the trouble to type in the crafty passwords every time. It also provides the users with some cloud storage feature which is really helpful for the users to store data like photos or videos. This feature free up to 15 GigaByte, and to avail more storage one can opt for paying some every month.

In smartphones, in order to avail the need of applications, one has to be logged in with Google Account in-app store. It helps in synchronizing the data in the device with Google which in turn becomes easier for the user to work on it. Google Account gives recommendations based on the preference of the user like language or age. For example, if the user searches for the meaning of any word, Google works on the preference of the user’s language and provides the user the meaning of a word in the user’s preferred language. If the user searches for dresses, it will automatically recommend dresses based on the age of the user. There are even more to it which can be discussed in-depth to understand the utilities provided by the Google Account to its users.

Why multiple Google Accounts?

So it is clearly evident that Google Account helps its users in providing multiple services for which users generally end up creating multiple Google Accounts. Say for example, if any user needs two accounts, one for storing videos other for storing images, can go for it. There can be other needs too, maybe for a company needing multiple accounts to store its data or wanting to create ads for their company, etc.

Signing out of one Google Account

 As Google has claimed that its services are very easy to use, so the process of signing out of one Google Account among multiple accounts is also simple for the user. In order to sign out one has to follow the following steps:

  • One needs to open the Google application provided in the mobile phone
  • Tap on the right corner where the profile picture section is there with the first letter of the user’s name
  • There is a section “Manage accounts on this device”, tap into it.
  • Users will be taken into the device’s phone settings where the user is allowed to manage its different accounts linked to the device like Google, WhatsApp, or UC Browser. The user has to tap on Google.
  • A newer window with multiple Google Accounts will appear.
  • Now one has to choose the account that needs to be logged out.
  • After selecting the preferred account there is a three-dotted icon appearing on the side which needs to be tapped into. There is an option with removing your account. One it is done the user will be logged out of the device with the preferred account.

Few things to remember:

  • Before logging out of the device user should make sure that he/she has the username and password written or stored in some other account because once logged out, the user won’t be able to log in again 
  •  To avoid the above circumstance the user can set a recovery email for the account to be logged out so that later if the user forgets the username or password of the Google Account, the recovery email can be used to retain the lost account.
  • And to add more security to the account, one can opt for the “Three verification methods” so that no one can try to access it.

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