How To Use Dubsmash, Video Selfie App

Dubsmash and social media:-

A German video selfie app called Dubsmash launched in November 2014. The founders of Dubsmash app are Jonas Drüpel,Ronald Grenkeand Daniel Traschik. They had made two more apps but those apps but those apps could not gain popularity. Within seven days of launch, this app takes number one place in Germany. Ten million people download it within six months from its launch date worldwide.

On the play store, this app has been rated above four out of five. One of the Dubsmash founder Ronald Grenke said that India will be on the list of their top ten markets globally. It is purely an entertaining app. This app can combine video selfies with any quote. One can select quotes from a variety of sources like movies, songs, tv shows, etc. A hundred million people downloaded Dubsmash from the play store till now from 192 countries.

It is available in 20 languages. List the languages are English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish. In February 2019it had a data breach. Dubsmash users can sync their lips with any popular quotes, songs while making their own video. After making the video users can save it on their mobile phones or share it with friends via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.

Any android or iphone user can use this app by following some steps. The steps are given bellow-

Step1(Download and Install):-

To use any app it is necessary to download and install an app. Android users can easily download it from the play store. It will take a few seconds. Apple users can install it from the apple store. Dubsmash is not available for Windows users.


Once installation is done you have to log in. You can log in by using your Facebook id or your email id.

Step3(Selecting language and country):-

After logging in you have to select your preferred language and country for localized sounds. Among millions of sounds, it is difficult to find your favorite one. So it will help you to get suggestions. By this, your video-making will be easier.

Step4(Sounds for your dubs):-

Sound is the first thing you need to create your dubs. You can easily choose your preferable sound from its sound library. You will get a huge number of trending sounds such as songs, movies, cartoons.

Step5(Adding your favourite sounds to soundboard):-

There are millions of sounds in Dubsmash. So you can easily lose your favorite sound. If you are a smart user then you will surely use its soundboard feature. It is a better way to organizing your sounds. You can add you’re preferable sounds to the soundboard for further use. It will help you to categorize your favorite sounds.

You can also record your own sound or import any sound from your device for your dubs.

Step6(Creating Dubsmash videos):-

Now it’s time to make a cool Dubsmash video selfie. We all know that “Practice makes a man perfect”, and dubbing is not an easy job. So you have to practice it to make it perfect. The camera of this app is by default a selfie camera. But you can change it to a rare camera by clicking the camera icon on the top right corner of your mobile phone screen.

Step7(Adding texts and stickers):-

After completing your video you can add any texts as well as any stickers to your Dubsmash video. You can see two icons on your screen. One is for typing text and another one is for smiley, emoticons.

Step8(Downloading your Dubsmash video):-

Now your Dubsmash video is ready. You can easily download your video. By clicking on the NEXT button you can download your Dubsmash video.


If you want to share your video with your friends on Facebook or WhatsApp you have to click on WHATSAPP or MESSENGER button.

By these steps, one can easily make their own Dubsmash videos. Ultimately, we can say that in this world of social media this application provides a lucrative way of expressing ourselves. This application helps us to explore our creative being.

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