How to Use iMovie: A Complete Guide

iMovie is a video editing software. If you are a beginner and want to edit videos then you should go with iMovie. You can use it to cut as well as edit videos, graphics, and music without changing its original file. Amateurs can start their editing with this free-of-cost application. You don’t need to buy subscriptions. But this application is only for Apple users. If you have an iPad and iPhone then download and install this app from the apple store. Now, let’s have a look at how It works.

Step 1: – Importing your file:

 After opening the iMovie application first thing you will see is a window in which you can see videos that are already there. You will see the project tab on the top of your screen. To start any project, you have to import your individual clips. By tapping on CREATE NEW (+) button you can import your clip. You will see two options available there. The first one is MOVIE and the second one is Trailer.

The movie button gives you the option to create your own movie by combining videos, photos, music. By using the Trailer option, you can create a movie trailer-like Hollywood. If you want to grow your editing skill, we suggest you go with the MOVIE option.

After selecting the MOVIE option, you will see all the videos and photos, which are stored on your iPhone or iPad. Now choose the clips and photos you want to use in your movie. At the bottom of your device’s screen, you will see CREATE MOVIE option. Tap on CREATE MOVIE.

Step 2: – Editing:

Now it’s time to start editing. The very first step of editing is to cut or trim your video clips and add music or title with them.

  • Cutting and trimming: –

In your timeline, you can see Drag and drop video clips and photos from the browser above to start creating your movie. So, you have to hold and drag a clip into the timeline. Now to shorten a clip you have to tap on the clip and it will be outlined by a yellow box. To change the beginning point you have to hold the thick yellow bar and drag it to the preferable point. To change the ending point of the clip you have to repeat the same thing in the opposite direction. By this process, you can shorten your video clip.

  • Adding audio: –

To add audio with your clip first go to the Audio tab from the AUDIO option. Now drag the preferable audio clip under the video in the timeline.

  • Adding titles: –

To add a title, you have to go to the TITLE tab first. Hold the title templet and drag it to the video clip in the timeline. On the right side of your screen, you can see Title text here. You can type your desired title from there.

  • Undo:-

If you want to undo anything just tap on the undo option. One can also add filters with movies, change the transition of clips, add slow motion or fast motion effects with their videos.

  • Changing transitions: –

If you want to change the default transition type between clips first tap on the clips situated in the middle of the clips. Then you can see other types of this. Just choose your preferable one from them and click. It will be automatically inserted. You can also change the transition time from 0.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds.

Step3: – Exporting your file:

Now it’s time to share your movie with your favorite ones. If you using mobile phones then just tap on the Done button and click on the share option. If you are using a laptop then you have to select the export option. Exporting merge all of your short clips and make a video. Then select your preferred platform like email, YouTube, or save it on your device. Next, click one save and next and your first movie is ready. Keep editing and make you feel like a pro.

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