How to Use Multiple Accounts in Telegram Messenger


Social media is the new normal for modern society to connect with each other. There is Facebook which allows its users to connect by sending friend requests to each other, send messages to communicate, share photos to share their experience. There is YouTube which allows its users to watch videos for free or avail premium mode to experience an Ad-free experience of the journey. There is Instagram which also provides similar services like Facebook from sharing photos or videos to sending text messages. Instagram also allows the users to go live and communicate with people in the community. There is Twitter, which allows its users to share their views in texts or by sharing photos or videos. Then comes WhatsApp which is a messaging application used to send messages and share anything as “Status”.

 Finally comes Telegram, which is a similar application to WhatsApp but far superior in some fields like allowing its users to choose multiple accounts in the same applications. Telegram is actually a German-based company which was developed by two brothers from Russia. In recent times Telegram has achieved quite popular due to backlashes of people against WhatsApp as it forced its users to accept some privacy policy. It was conditioned by WhatsApp that if anyone does not comply with the privacy policy would not be able to use WhatsApp from a specific point in time. This led a huge number of users to shift from WhatsApp to Telegram where the policies are quite normal as any other social media applications.


Telegram was first released for iOS devices in 2013 in the month of August and for Android-based devices, it was released in October. Telegram serves the regular online social need of a user like any other social media application by allowing its users to send receive text messages, photos, or videos. But what makes it different from other applications is its flexibility in terms of its usage and focus on its user’s privacy and security. Telegram allows its users to use the app from multiple devices, to use multiple accounts on the same device. Telegram is even accessible from the website telegram web.

Security and special features

Telegram maintains a secure cloud storage system that allows the users to access their old messages or videos while logging in from different devices. There is a feature of secret chat in Telegram which allows the users to chat with each other while using end-to-end encryption i.e., no one can access these chats and these chats can be timed for self-destruction mode which will erase all the data in these chats. And moreover, these chats cannot be forwarded to anyone by sharing or they cannot be recorded as a screenshot. Telegram also supports sending of large files up to 2 GB whereas other applications can share up to a maximum of 300 MB.

 It allows its users to customize their own app from setting up their themes for the application to enable or disable the animations in chats. So overall it is a good app with few disadvantages like the application notifies the contacts of the user whenever the user newly joins Telegram. So it is quite hard to lead a low profile in telegram. Also, it lacks the feature of sharing stories and statuses, unlike WhatsApp or Facebook. So, one must consider this too before switching towards Telegram.

Multiple Accounts in Telegram

It is one of the most important features of Telegram that separates it from its contemporary competitors like WhatsApp, Wechat, etc. Telegram allows creating 3 accounts per device and switch accounts as necessary.

First, we will see how to create multiple accounts on a desktop:

  • First, the user has to go to the Local Disc C drive and locate the folder containing the files of Telegram,
  • there will be a file named telegram.exe, the user has created a shortcut file of it on the desktop,
  • then change the name of the shortcut into something like Second Telegram or Telegram new etc.,
  • then go back to the root folder of the Local Disk C and create a separate folder for the new telegram account.

Creating multiple account on mobile phones:

  • First, the user has to open the Telegram app then click on the 3 lines appearing either at the left or right corner,
  • then click on the arrow appearing just beside the user name,
  • there will be an option “Add Account”,
  • After tapping it, Telegram will ask for the new phone number
  • And after typing the phone number, a new account will be created after a confirmation message.

Keeping multiple accounts on telegram to manage calls and messages for friends and office staff separately is a smart choice and Telegram allows it.

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