How you can scroll automatically in Android Devices

Are you tired of scrolling continuously while reading a long web page, long pdf file, or any e-books? Now you can enjoy automatic scrolling through some easy steps. In this android era, nothing can impossible. Developers do take time to save time by scrolling automatically through Easy Scroll an app that can scroll continuously with your permission. As named Easy Scroll this feature is easy to use and also friendly. You need not any extension or root your device to avail of the feature.

It can scroll through your screen automatically at a regular interval of time that can be set by you. You can change the time interval as you wish. You just have to grant accessibility permission to draw over other apps. You don’t have to worry about your security. It is totally safe. But there is a question. Is your device running Android 7.0 or above? If you are using the android version below Nougat, you cannot enjoy this facility; we will see how we can install it on the phone.

Note: Your phone must have a stable internet connection that you can download any application from play store. Your phone must be updated to android Nougat (7.0) or above.

Firstly, open your phone and go to the play store app. Then search for Easy Scroll-Automatic Scrolling and click on the button named install.

In the second step, you have to open the app first. Once you open it, it asks for accessibility permission to start its function. You give full accessibility permission without worrying.

Now you will see a widget on your screen that can allow you to scroll automatically.

Here are some features of the Easy Scroll application. You can set the range of scrolling from 1/10 screen per second to 1/6 screen per second. The app has an option of showing on any content that is scrollable or you can also manually set the app by yourself. The app is in a Beta state, that’s why it works perfectly on most devices. The app has also many options that can help you to scroll more easily.

Another method is available for automatic scrolling. To follow this process, one has to install an app from the Google play store named Kinetic Scroll. It is easy to use and a lot simpler than Easy Scroll. At first, you go to the play store and search for Kinetic scroll or you can directly search in Google. Install the app on your phone and allow permission to install the application from unknown sources. Once the application is installed open it. You will see two options Permanent activation and Start service.

You have to allow both the option and then click on the plus button placed at the right corner. By clicking the plus button you will able to add some app that is used to scroll the content. This app also allows you to set the range of scrolling speed as previous. You can set the page size also from the app. There is an option of Infinity scrolling in this app. One can activate and deactivate this feature through Kinetic scrolling by using gestures like shaking hands. You can also adjust the sensitivity of shaking in this app.

Another app named Automatic Scroll has also the same features for automatic scrolling on android. You just need to install the app and active permission for that. You will see the same two options as Start Service and Global Activation. You have to allow both and the next steps are as followed as above. When you have to read long content it helps you effortlessly to go through the content. In the case of normal scrolling, you have to up and down your fingers through the whole task and I think it is quite boring. To get rid of these hectic processes android developers make it so easy by creating such applications as Easy Scroll, Kinetic Scroll, Automatic Scroll that can scroll until the bottom of any page with your consent.

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