paytm: Paytm is giving its Soundbox device for free: Here’s how to avail

Paytm has announced an offer on its Soundbox. With the current discount, merchants and business owners can buy Paytm Soundbox at an effective price of zero.
The digital financial services platform is giving the device at a 40% discount which brings its price down to Rs 299. In addition, merchants who register 50 transactions in a month will get an assured cashback of Rs 60 per month. The cashback will be offered for a period of five months. Summing up the discount and the cashback, the effective price of the Paytm speaker (as it is popularly known) will be zero.
The offer is available for all merchants across the country. “The company believes that this offer would help small shopkeepers across the country adopt digital transactions and start accepting and making online transactions,” Paytm said in a statement.
Paytm Soundbox helps merchants track all transactions and also saves them from being duped by customers showing fake screens and false confirmations. The device is available in several regional languages in India.

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