pubg: PUBG New State: Video reveals electric car, new armour, gun customisation and Drone Shop

The upcoming game in the PUBG universe, PUBG New State, is going to come with a new car–an electric one with the name ‘The Volta’, a two-wheeler named ‘The Vulture’ and also a tram which is invulnerable from attack and is meant to protect you from the others while you heal and assess things in your inventory safely inside. All this and more was revealed in a recent video titled ‘PUBG: New State Field Trip to Troi – Episode 2’ by the developers. Right now, the game pre-orders are open for Android and the iOS preorders will be made available from next month.
There is also going to be a The Drone Shop option in the game. Since PUBG New State is a futuristic game set in a technologically advanced setting, The Drone Shop offers you a way to get the supplies you have ordered through a drone. But it won’t be inconspicuous if you were hoping it to be. The supply drop can be seen by enemies close by you have to be careful. To be able to shop, you’ll need to collect drone credits which will be spread out in Troi, the fictional battleground of PUBG New State. Collect enough of those and then exchange them for ammo and other useful items.
The Dyneema armour
PUBG New State will add a new armour called Dyneema armour that gives the wearer added protection against 5.56mm, 9mm and .45 ACP ammo. On the flip side, the armour is weak against 7.62mm, 300 magnum and 12 gauge ammunition.

Customise any gun
The game will let you customise any gun as per your play style. The customisation kit resembles a toolbox and can be found scattered around on the map. This way, you can convert any single-shot firing weapon into a fully automatic burst-mode enabled one and can also add a bit of range to your firearm. The customisation kit will keep updating with new gear.

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