Twitter introduces captions for voice tweets

NEW DELHI: Social networking giant Twitter introduced the feature of voice tweets last year. The feature enables users to record a snippet of audio which can be included in a tweet. Now, almost after a year, Twitter is now rolling out captions for voice tweets.
Twitter introduced the voice tweets feature in June 2020. At the time of the launch, the feature was criticised by many for not including captions in it. However, the microblogging platform has now included captions in voice tweets. Now, when you make a voice tweet, the captions will be generated automatically.

The feature is presently available only on iOS and it supports English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, French, Indonensian, Korean and Italian languages.
Twitter revealed about the new feature via a tweet. The company tweeted, “We took your feedback and we’re doing the work. To improve accessibility features, captions for voice Tweets are rolling out today. Now when you record a voice Tweet, captions will automatically generate and appear. To view the captions on web, click the “CC” button.”
In order to see the captions on a tweet, you have to click or tap on the CC icon placed in the top right corner of the voice tweet window. As reported by The Verge, captions will only appear on new voice tweets.
Twitter announced the shut down of its year old feature — Fleets earlier this week. Within a year of the launch of Fleets, Twitter feels that Fleets has no future and has announced that it is shutting down Fleets starting August 3, 2021. The social media platform also said that instead of Fleets it will introduce “other ways for people to share on Twitter”.
Twitter admitted that not many users were interested in Fleets. “We haven’t seen an increase in the number of new people joining the conversation with Fleets like we hoped,” it said in a blog post.

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